What Are You Afraid Of?


Don't let fear hold you back from your dreams. Let it drive you! - TR

How to get over Your FEAR!  Click link to open YouTube video!

I was afraid of making videos just like above. I was so afraid of looking stupid or sounding stupid that I held myself back from making a silly video that could potentially help someone else out. So what did I do to get over that fear……..I just did it. I put my big girl panties on, inhaled and said no better time than now.  I had the URGENCY to get it over with and now I’m not as scared when doing videos. Yes, I get nervous but I’m less afraid now. I sometimes do them in my pajamas. Why? Because I stopped caring about what others thought of how I looked and sounded and went for it.

I love to listen to Darren Hardy and he said this and i’m paraphrasing this; the presence of courage doesn’t mean my fear is gone it just means I’m not letting it control me anymore.

Motivational quotes and daily affirmations help me stay focused.

I took over my fear and it feels great! Doing what you fear in any aspect of your life whether it’s business or personal will inhibit you to move forward. Give yourself a pep talk and let’s do it.  So let’s do this together and be the best us we can be! If you need help reach out to me and I will help!

Check out the system that I use that has helped me drastically improve my skills and outlook on life. It not only helps me personally but it is helping me in business and teaching everything I need to know not only for an MLM but even for a personal business that wasn’t even done online. Click HERE to check it out.


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