Income producing activities

If you are not doing at least 2-3 of these daily then you will just be stagnant in your business! Let’s get to the top together!! 

1. Doing content everyday. This won’t get you the quick sales, but will build your brand and maintain it for a long run that will create sales almost automatically after consistently sticking with it. This includes blog posts and videos. Pick one you like and do one everyday.
2. Email your list on a regular basis is essential. No matter how much traffic you are getting, you must be collecting email addresses and following up with them every single day using broadcast emails and autoresponders. Services like GVO, Aweber and Getresponse and mailchimp are good services for this.
3. You must be talking to people everyday. Try to friend or follow 10 new people daily and write down who you speak with!  Doing this will help you get better at creating rapport! Your content is not going to get boatloads of traffic overnight no matter how much you want it to. So while you are building a following through content, you must be hustling everyday to get your first consistent sales.

4. Build a presence on social media. Social media is taking over the world and has over a billion people for you to get in front of. Build a following on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ consistently everyday. I would choose one to get real good at and then move on to any of the others! This will help you with finding new people to talk to and even getting traffic to content.
5. Do paid advertising (if you can). If you don’t have the extra money to put into an ad budget, then don’t worry about this just yet. But, the absolute best way to get quick, massive amounts of traffic on demand is through paid ads like PPC, solo ads, and banner ads.
Do a couple of good courses on advertising before starting it, (Facebook as a walk through for their ads) but I recommend you put a percentage of the money you make from content and talking to people into paid ads to keep your business growing.
6. Hangouts, webinars, or conference calls should be done once a week. Doing something live every week will help you get good at speaking, closing, and getting people to take action, which means more sales. It doesn’t matter how many leads you have, you need to do something live weekly and invite them, so you can get good at solving their problems and getting them to buy stuff.

Do income producing activities every single day. Do as man of the above strategies you can, but don’t try to do them all. Get good at a few of them and you will see big profits coming your way in your business. This is a business and the whole point is to produce income, so focus on the income producing activities everyday consistently. 
 Start out in 90 day increments and then regroup and start anther 90 challenge! 
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