How to become an EXPERT! 


Here is a quick video I did while I was pregnant for my YouTube channel and after you watch this read the post below.



Have you ever wanted to become an expert in your niche but wasn’t sure how to make that happen, because you haven’t had any success in your niche yet?
Well here’s the truth. YOU don’t have to have any SUCCESS yet in your niche to be an authority figure or expert. It’s actually real simple to market yourself as an authority figure or expert in your niche.
With these 3 steps you can become an expert quickly. I like to call it getting LIT. LOL. So are you ready to get LIT?

What does that stand for you ask?

Well, it stands for: LEARN, IMPLEMENT, TEACH!

Make sure you invest in your education just like you would if you were going to school! You can’t grow if you don’t invest in yourself! 

So I will ask again, are YOU ready to get LIT? YES! Great here we go.

When you invest in your training you take notes correct? YES! This is:

STEP 1. LEARN and taking notes and really taking in what you’re learning is key. Once you are done learning from your investment you move on to….

STEP 2. You IMPLEMENT what you just learned. Whether it is on generating leads, talking to prospects, or how to convert leads into customers. As soon as you get your first result you then can move on to…….

STEP 3. TEACH. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 lead, how you spoke to the prospect or how you got them to join your MLM or home business. You can take what you did and show others how you did it and that will market you as an authority figure or expert and that will be bringing people to you asking you for help and that my friend is attraction marketing at its finest.

Now, A great way to help with becoming an authority figure or an expert is through blogging. If you don’t have a blog and want to have the best you can click HERE to see the system that thousands use for their blog!

If you already have a blog and need help to make it stand out more and to make it make you money then this training from my buddy Ray Higdon is for you and it’s called the 3 Minute Expert.

I highly recommend both of these training platforms because according to a study published by – 81% of bloggers NEVER even make $100 from their blog.

Insane right? Don’t be that 81%. You have to invest before you can get LIT. Like I asked earlier, ARE YOU READY TO GET LIT?

Become an expert TODAY!

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