Tips to help you succeed!!

Network Marketing is not for the weak. You have to have tenacity in this business to succeed, along with many other attributes.


Below I’m going to give you 5 tips that are must haves in this business or you are bound to fail.
1. The biggest and most important of all of these tips is to Be coachable. If you are coachable then you can DUPLICATE what the leaders have done and your chances of success are much higher than someone who doesn’t want to do what works. So, it’s like follow the leader but with a huge pay off!
2. An absolute must is to, Write down your dreams, goals and objectives. Very few actually write down their goals and dreams on paper. In this world of technology we don’t feel the need to write things down anymore. Don’t just write down things for your business, write down things you want to accomplish in life. I want my dream house and draw a picture if you need to, I want my dream car, describe what it is, I want to make this much by this time and write yourself a note with today’s date and then say something 1 year from now I am able to pay all my bills and I still have $2,000 left over or something like that. Just make sure to make it realistic but don’t set your goals to low. You want to challenge yourself.
3. This next one some don’t do and they expect miracles to happen. Work. Yes I said it WORK! This industry has created more millionaires than you even know. One thing all the successful people have in common is they actually put in the WORK. They didn’t expect to get into business without spending a dime or going through ups and downs, they all persevered. MLM isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; you’ll only get rich through hard work.
If you ever stop working or make it just a hobby you won’t make as much in this business as the top leaders. If you continuously find prospects, get leads and learn the craft then you will have success. 

4. This one is where most people fail and give up. CONSISTENCY AND being PERSISTENT. Most people give up with their first 5 months because they haven’t made $10,000 right away. It takes time to build an MLM business. It is not going to happen overnight. It’s just like fame. The artist took years to develop their skill and a name for themselves. You’re going to have to contact a lot of people, give many presentations and endure a lot of NO’s. With consistency and perseverance then your dreams of making a name for yourself in this business we call network marketing will happen.
One of the books that helped me in this business when I first started out was Go Pro by Eric Worre. He is a god in the MLM industry. So check out the book. You can get at Amazon for pretty inexspensive!

5. One thing I’ve noticed with in my friends list on Facebook is that people get into this business and they only have 300 friends. You want to Make a million friends. The friends you have the more prospects you have that will see what you are doing and want to follow you if you make yourself out to be a leader and an expert in your market. So focus on building relationships rather than a million dollars right away. Showing others you know what you are talking about and helping them succeed with something of value will label you as someone who is knowledgeable and people want to follow leaders.
These 5 tips are just the tip of what you should be doing. If you’re already with a company, then get with your upline or sponsor and ask them what they do to be successful. If they are not helpful them hire a coach that will tell you how it is and won’t bull shit you!!

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Leave me a comment on what helps you in network marketing or leave me a comment on what areas you need help in.


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