Stop doing these NOW…. If you want success! 

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of your own habits and you can’t get off? 
Are you doing things that aren’t good for you in business or in life? 
Creating your own suffering because it’s what’s comfortable? 

Here are 6 things you need to stop doing right away if you want to be successful!!

Quit Stopping

Quit Stopping – When you start something you need to see it through! Just because it gets a little hard doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel, it means you just to apply a little more elbow grease to keep up the flow!

Quit saying Tomorrow – You know the saying, “Yesterday you said tomorrow?” Seriously, stop that! Percrastination will be your downfall. You’re either scared to start because it means your life will change or you want it for the wrong reasons (i.e. someone else is encouraging you to do it).

Quit Being A Victim – When people tell me they’re doing something or making certain choices because they have “no choice,” makes me want to smack them upside the head. You have a choice in everything you do. And if you’re choosing to remain in a place that isn’t positive, you’re victimizing yourself.

You are not so worthless that you have to keep dating that person. Obama and the economy are not forcing you to stay in that career. There are other places you could live. And it’s not your schedule that prevents you from being healthy! 
So get off your bit and out of this mind set that says “well my cucumstances won’t allow me to be who I really want” I call bullshit! If you don’t like were you are then do something about it NOW! 
Quit Saying Yes – Anytime we say yes to something, we’re saying no to something else. So when you say yes to a happy hour, you’re saying no to <insert your choice of workout>. When you say yes to a crappy review from your boss, you’re saying no to getting acknowledged for the great work that was overlooked. When you say yes to watching pointless reality TV shows, you’re saying no to doing the dishes (or writing your next awesome blog post). Or if you say yes to staying late at the office, you’re saying no to your relationship. 

This doesn’t mean to stop saying yes to everything it just means say yes to the right things and no to the damaging things in your life. 

Quit Expecting – Are you working hour 9-5 sitting here wondering “dam. Why haven’t I received the raise I do deserve yet?” See there, you’re expecting to get a raise without even asking for one! Do t expect to receive things you do t have the courage to ask for! 

It’s very rare for a company to proactively promote someone at a fast pace. Especially true in older organizations, if you expect your company to promote you when they feel you’re ready for it, you’ll be sitting around waiting for about 10 years to reach the next level.

Just like in relationships, your partner can’t read your mind and don’t expect him/her too! 
Quit Avoiding – Suck it up. Put your big girl panties on do want needs to be done. We’re all adults and I know sometimes we just to be kidult (kid+adult)!

Stop avoiding that tough conversation that needs to be had with your partner or son Or daughter, stop with the childish behavior and just get it done! 

Yeah, life doesn’t work that way. You can’t pluck the fun parts out and leave the tough parts on the table. You take all or none.
If we didn’t have to work hard to reach success, we wouldn’t appreciate it.

Take these and implement them into your daily life now!!
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