Where to find content

Have you ever heard the saying; ‘Content Is King’ .…well it is!

If you want to win in the online world you have to be creative!

We are entrepreneurs.  Part of being an entrepreneur is being creative and ALWAYS creating!

Whether you create a video, a blog post, a webinar, or a product!

We, in order to win, have to think outside the box.

Curiosity is something kids are really good at.  I know my daughters are curious about everything!


Sometimes their curiosity gets them in trouble. Think back when you were a kid, you were curious and that helped you be creative about what could happen right? Same thing goes in the home-based business niche, if you aren’t curious as to where this could end up you wouldn’t be doing this!

As adults we tend to lose our creativity. So we have to expand our minds.

We need to expand our mind and fill it with new ideas and thoughts.

With these new ideas and thoughts, we use our imagination and create content.

So where do we get these ideas?

One of my favorite ways to get inspiration and ideas for content is by listening to wake up calls! A few companies do wake up calls for free and anyone can listen! You can also go to youtube and just type Wake Up Calls.

Another is reading entrepreneur books like Go Pro by Eric Worre and the compound effect by darren hardy!

Another great way to get content and awesome training is by reading other people’s blogs.


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XOXO Tuesday


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