What is zero level marketing?

    First you have to know the basic of marketing. Because zero level marketing isn’t a good place to be. 
    If you don’t want to be at zero you need to have a……
    BRAND and Consistant action! 

    Do you have your own brand? What do people know you as?

    If not I would start creating one! 
    You can be known as the make up lady, the cooking lady, the get fit lady or dude or the lady with the information that people want! 
    But if you don’t create a buzz you won’t create moment! 
    Without momentum you will be soon starting at zero again. 
    We all have those days where you don’t want to get up, you just want to stay under the covers and watch Netflix and chill. 
    In business this will determine your success or failure. 
    In zero level marketing you can still have those blah days but instead of doing a video you can create a blog post short or long! Email your list! Creat content for Instagram. But if you start creating momentum and then stop doing those things that created a buzz your business will pay the price and that price is failure. You will end up at zero again and again. That’s the zero level. Inconsistent actions equals inconsistent results.
    As long as you do something no matter how small you won’t have to start all over again and then those small things will become second nature and then you will co-mingle them with the big things and boom you have momentum!! 
    So if you want to live your dreams but you just can’t function and that TV you just have to watch you need to compound your activities. Watch your show and write that blog post. Watch your show and write your list. Create content using canva which now has an app! Boom! So you now get the feeling of getting that itch of watching TV out of your system and you’ve now compounded your business activities with your chill activities! 
    Eventually you will want to do your business activities instead of watching tv. 

    Hope you got value from this! Sharing is caring! Share this with your friends and business partners!  
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