#1 Mistake People Make On Social Media

The #1 Mistake people make on social media.


When I first got started in Internet marketing I didn’t have a twitter or Instagram or any other social platform, I strictly used Facebook!


Facebook is still my favorite platform to use! I do now have an Instagram and Twitter account though!


With that said, many people come into network marketing and try to use all the platforms at one time because they think the more eyes on their stuff the better and they fail miserably because what they are doing isn’t working on any of them. So they then quit!




The mistake is trying to master all the platforms when you need to become the master of one!


If you aren’t getting regular leads from one platform then don’t stretch yourself to others until you are consistently getting results from let’s say Facebook first! Otherwise, people will see that you don’t know what you’re doing and just stop following you all together!


Remember, you want to be viewed as a leader and being a leader is knowing how to master one thing first and then showing others how to do the same!!


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Consistent daily action will lead to faster results!!


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