Attraction Marketing ~ What is it?

What is Attraction Marketing?

Here is the online definition of Attraction Marketing.


If you’re in an MLM or into Network Marketing then you’ve heard of Attraction Marketing right?

Chances are yes!

What I’ve noticed from watching people post on Facebook and Instagram is that they are not attracting people they are deterring. They are scaring more people away than they are attracting. Why? Because they are treating their business like one giant Ad.


Let me start by telling you what Attraction Marketing is NOT!

Let’s say you, (I’m going to call you Arianna) just started with your business and you immediately start pitching your friends and family telling them how awesome the products are and how great the comp plan is. This pitching to friends and family may work because you know them on a personal level. However, what happens when you run out of your friends and family. You go to your upline and they tell you start with your cold market and that is your facebook friends or instagram or whichever platform you choose to use. You start messaging these people that don’t know anything about you and could careless what you are selling. You do this to 10 people you fail miserably. Why? Because you didn’t care about them and their needs you only cared about making a sale or getting someone to join your business. This is what Attraction Marketing is NOT!


So, what is attraction marketing then Tuesday?

Here is what attraction marketing is!


Ok! SO, Let’s say Tanisha wants to join Arianna’s company. Tanisha goes to Google Arianna’s company and finds a blog post or a video review that Arianna did and loves what she had to say. Tanisha then contacts Arianna to join her company and they get to talking and Tanisha loves Arianna’s vibe and knowledge and signs with her. That is attraction marketing.





If you lead with value rather than the sale first people will like and trust you and will want to work with you.

SO, by posting your products and pitching people on a daily basis doesn’t gain you trust or likability it repels people from you.


This is why it is important to always have your own website/blog separate from your company website. 1. If your company shuts down tomorrow you will have to start from scratch. 2. This brands you apart from your company website and branding yourself is the best way to create trust for your potential prospects or customers. It lets people get to know you.


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