3 Tips To Help Get Unstuck

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If your mom like me (2 Girls) then sometimes you get overwhelmed and then causes you to get stuck in what you are supposed to be doing to gain traction in your business. Well i’m here to give my 3 main tips to help you get unstuck from spinning your wheels.

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3 Tips to help get unstuck in your business: 


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The best tip in my opinion to get you unstuck is:



READING: Reading and taking some notes on what you’ve just read can help you get unstuck for sure. I love to read but if you’re anything like me then keeping my attention can hard to do. But once I find a good book to read I’m all in. And I don’t mean read the latest romance novel. Read personal development books or books that will make you grow by reading the first chapter. Books like Think and Grow Rich By; Napoleon Hill. Grant Cardone is good, Robert Greene, and Darren Hardy are also great reads.


GET UP AND MOVE: Exercise can release endorphins and that can clear your head. Nothing like thinking with a clear head. Play with your kids, do jumping jacks, hell scream for all I care. (I do it sometimes – It actually releases a lot of tension) You want to release that tension in some way so that you can work at your highest potential.


WATCH TRAINING VIDEOS: Training videos always give me motivation. And not just training videos where someone is just pitching there crap I mean good ole’ training videos that have loads of value in them If you’re company doesn’t provide good enough training videos than YouTube is your friend.


BONUS TIP: Talk to a friend either in person or on facebook. This can help tremendously. You want it to be someone who is on the same path as you or I don’t think they will really listen to your frustrations. I do this with my accountability partner and it helps me all the time.


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